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Saison 2019

NEWMEN Hub MTB Rear 12x148 Straight Pull 6Bolt SL 28h XD boxed

Référence : 90301

265,00 € TTC

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The star ratchet system in the freewheel guarantees that all ratchet teeth are engaged - unlike with pawl systems, where in the worst case scenario only one pawl is engaged leading to high loads on the hub and bearings. This can result in total failure if too much force is exerted (like on steep climbs).

Not only do straight-pull hubs have a more modern design, but there is also no contact between the spokes thus eliminating spoke noise. This prevents the spoke heads from working themselves into the flange.

Straight-pull hubs can also be cross-laced.

All components are produced to exact tolerances, while TA (tolerance adjustment) caps deliver additional precision adjustment. The TA caps can be used to adjust all component and assembly tolerances and keep the bearings and hub running smoothly for longer.

Our rear hub is available with Shimano and SRAM XD freewheel bodies. No hidden costs or surcharges.

Made in Germany.

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Caractéristiques générales
black anodizing - grey
Alloy 7075
0,2 kg

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