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    • 49,95 € Disponible

      Our high-end shock pump includes a two-stage head for Schrader valves to stop air escaping on removal. Suitable for higher pressures of up to 400 psi and featuring an ergonomic Natural Fit handle. A precision pressure gauge and air release valve for micro-adjustments come in handy for ensuring the perfect chassis set-up.

      • 219 g
      49,95 €
    • 44,95 € Disponible

      When every second counts. Our RACE HYBRID HP's combination of CNC-lathed mini pump and 16 g CO2 cartridge will get you up to speed in no time. With 120psi maximum pressure, EZ-Head and retractable hose, it's the ideal race companion.

      • 115 g
      44,95 €
    • 39,95 € Disponible

      Pressure or volume? You choose. The 2-stage pump system allows you to switch between high volume and high pressure and with the precise gauge you always know the exact pressure. Precision CNC construction is durable and good looking, too.

      • 171 g
      39,95 €
    • 34,95 € Disponible

      Under pressure! Keep your entire set-up dialled on the trail with the Shock&Tire from RFR – ideal for full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. The shock pump's patented Schrader head with Presta adapter and a long flex-hose guarantee maximum flexibility. Choose between high pressure and high volume depending on what's attached to the other end of...

      • 210 g
      34,95 €
    • 29,95 € Disponible

      Set your fork and shock up just for you. Our shock pump's patented Schrader head prevents air from escaping when it's released. The pressure gauge runs to 300psi and the T-handle allows pumping in comfort.

      • 150 g
      29,95 €
    • 24,95 € Disponible

      The best solution to a puncture is not to have one in the first place! But we all know it happens sometimes. At least with the Race Comfort Pump you don't need to worry that the others will get bored of waiting! The extremely effective 2-way pump system pumps air into the tyre both when pulling and when pushing, virtually halving the the amount of time...

      • 115 g
      24,95 €
    • 19,95 € Disponible

      In addition to functioning flawlessly, I want a portable pump to be lightweight and easy to use. The Race Pure has it all! Not only small enough to always have with you and robust thanks to high-quality craftsmanship, it even features the EZ-Head for compatibility with both Presta and Schrader valves.

      • 100 g
      19,95 €
    • 16,95 € Disponible

      One pump to rule them all? The Race Universal is Presta, Schrader and Dunlop ready and will pump up tyres to up to 100 psi in the blink of an eye.

      • 120 g
      16,95 €
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