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    Vestes & Gilets Il y a 9 produits.

    • Calling our new jacket All Purpose isn't just a marketing gimmick. It's a genuine all-round talent that's ideal for wearing on active days. It keeps you warm both during and after exercise and the second layer of fabric at the front offers extra protection against the wind. The jacket looks so good you'll want to wear it even when you're chilling out.

      • Who cares about the weather?! Our new Softshell Jacket makes riding a pleasure on even the greyest of days. The super-stretchy and breathable wind-proof fabric moves with you for maximum comfort. Reflective design details with super-reflective particles make you extra visible from afar, while the integrated spray blocker at the rear keeps the wet and dirt...

        • The CUBE Blackline Rain Jacket was designed to handle a number of the challenges you may face. It’s wind and waterproof without trapping the heat. It’s durable but light, and can be tightly packed away. On top of that , the jacket features jersey pockets on the back to stow all your belongings. CUBE’s innovative Primetronic material has 2.5 layers, taped...

          • This breathable jacket features padded panels to keep out the cold wind yet dries super fast. It's easy to slip on or off thanks to the front zip with garage and the adjustable drawcord hem and collar make finding the perfect fit a piece of cake. There's plenty of room to stow the essentials courtesy of two practical zip pockets at the front.

            • Silence – the hard climb is rewarded with a breathtaking view and you look forward to a descent that will get the adrenaline pumping! But up at the top, things cool down quickly after your heart rate has recovered and your breathing returns to normal. That's the beauty of the Ryke Gilet. It fits conveniently in any jersey pocket thanks to its mini pack...

              • Whether for outdoor training or the way to the gym – this windbreaker combines comfort with functionality. Pull the jacket over your head and you're one step ahead of the weather. It's the perfect combination of rugged ripstop and moisture-wicking mesh. Capped off with a roomy breast pocket with plenty of space for the important little things.

                • It's good that I put the wind vest in my jersey pocket when I took off. They did not say anything in the weather forecast about the weather changing so quickly. It would be uncomfortable now without the windproof material as protection. The last kilometres on the way home are therefore not a problem. The head wind pulls at me, but the pull-free collar and...

                  • No matter how hard the last training sessions were, I will not give in and weaken. Not only will I manage the last kilometres, but I will really make a push. The pleasantly warming softshell vest helps me to simply ignore the nasty cold wind on the descent and also not to overhead during the ascents. Don't give up!

                    • Our CUBE WORK Gilet is practical and stylish to boot! Side pockets have loads of room for tools and other stuff, while the hard-wearing fabric shrugs off dirt. The clean design looks great in the shop or workshop.

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